Pihlajavesi Elementary School in Keuruu
Pihlajaveden ala-aste, Keuruu

Our school is situated in the town of Keuruu. The total population of our town is 11 500.

Pihlajavesi is a small village (600 inhabitants) 20 km from the centre.

General information
  • 30 pupils (between the ages of 6 and 12)
  • 2 class teachers
  • special education teacher visits our school twice a week
  • English teacher visits our school twice a week
  • worker who does all such chores as cooking, cleaning and shoveling snow
  • maintenance man


  • our school is located near a railway station in a village called Pihlajavesi (600 inhabitants.) 20 km from the centre of the town

        due to long distances, some pupils are taken to school by taxi

  • our school is practically in wilderness. You can see elks,
    wolves and even bears in the forests nearby.
  • there are also rivers and lakes near our school
  • fishing and hunting belong to the life of our pupils
  • there are many forests and swamps in the area


  • nature: lakes, rivers, forests
  • we are a small flexible unit

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